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Company Information

DataSet Technologies
9100 Southwest Freeway
Suite 160
Houston, TX 77074

Phone: (713) 779-5577
Fax: (713) 779-5578

Houston Business Internet Access Services

DataSet Technologies provides Houston-based companies with the Houston business internet access solutions they need. View the table below to learn more about our Houston business internet access services and their costs offered by DataSet Technologies.

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Houston Business Internet Access Options & Costs
56k Dial-up:$15/month
128k ISDN Dial-up:$59.95/month
128k ISDN Dedicated:$195/month
DSL 1.5M Dedicated:Starting at $39.00/month
DSL 3.0M Dedicated:Starting at $79.00/month
DSL 6.0M Dedicated:Starting at $99.00/month
T1:$399/month (Call for Details)
(Each option above includes 5 emails. Each additional email is $1/month.)